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Dog bites becoming more common for postal workers


There are many different types of situations in which a resident of Southern California could suffer a dog bite. Sometimes it is a loose dog in the neighborhood, other times it may be a dog that has never been aggressive before, but that “snaps” in a particular environment. Most dog bites are difficult to foresee, but people in one particular profession have been dealing with aggressive dogs for many years — postal workers.

On top of the usual interaction between dogs and postal workers, a recent report indicates that the rate of dog bite incidents involving these workers is actually increasing. In fact, the report states that California was tops in the nation last year when it came to the reported number of dog bites on postal workers. There were apparently 1,021 dog attacks on postal workers in 2015, which represented an increase from the total number of such attacks that occurred in 2014.

Nationwide, the report indicates that over 6,500 dog bite attacks occurred in 2015 in which a postal worker was the victim. That was a huge spike from the number of incidents reported in 2014. And some of our readers may be concerned to hear that, with 58 reported attacks, San Diego was tied for the second most in the number of attacks reported in major metropolitan areas.

Some dog bites don’t do too much damage, but many will result in serious injury for the victim. Postal workers and anyone else who has suffered a dog bite injury may be interested in pursing a personal injury lawsuit against a pet owner in order to seek compensation.

Source: Livermore Patch, “Dog Bites Man: Attacks On Postal Service Workers On The Rise,” Autumn Johnson, May 18, 2016