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Helping burn victims protect their rights following an accident


Whether you are at work, traveling on the roadway or on another’s property, one rarely constantly considers the various dangers, hidden or open, that he or she might encounter. Nonetheless, the unfortunate reality is that residents in California and elsewhere face numerous dangers each day. While this does not mean everyone will be a victim of an accident, it does mean that each person could become injured at any place or at any time. And in the event of an accident, a victim could face severe injuries.

When an individual is harmed in a serious accident, he or she is likely to suffer catastrophic injuries. In some cases, this means enduring a bur injury or injuries due to an ensuing fire at the accident site. Additionally, an accident victim could suffer other types of burns such as an electric burn or a chemical, which depends on the type of accident and its location.

At Ellis Helm, APC, we understand how drastically a burn injury could alter the life of a victim as well as the lives of his or her loved ones. A burn injury, whether a first degree, second degree or third degree burn, require different treatment plans. Additionally, some take longer to recover from, requiring surgeries, skin grafts and even physical therapy.

When a burn victim is harmed in an accident caused by another party, he or she could take steps to hold that party accountable. Whether it occurred at the workplace, in an automobile collision or on private or public property, there are recourses available to victims harmed by a negligent party. Our experienced attorneys have the resources and knowledge available to file a civil action no matter how complex the matter is.

Our legal team works together skillfully to collect necessary information, evidence and documents to prove the matter. With the ultimate goal to meet the needs and goals of the client, our law firm has successfully helped past clients navigate their actions and collect the compensation rightfully owed to them.

To learn more, check out our law firm’s burn injury website. While no injury is easy to endure or recover from, a burn injury can have lasting damage on an accident victim. Therefore, a burn victim should be aware of their rights and options when it comes to protecting his or her rights and offsetting the financial hardships caused by the incident.