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What can you do if a firework accident resulted in burn injuries?


On the recent Independence Day holiday many of our readers in Southern California probably celebrated by either going to watch a fireworks display or by lighting off fireworks at their homes. This is just part of the tradition of celebrating the Fourth of July throughout the country. However, as common as enjoying a good fireworks show may be, our readers probably know that each year there are thousands of people who are injured by fireworks. What can a person do after suffering burn injuries due to a fireworks accident?

Well, for starters, injured victims may need to recognize that they might not be to blame for the injuries, even if the injuries occurred due to personal, at-home use of the fireworks. Yes, fireworks may be inherently dangerous and thus must be handled appropriately, but that doesn’t mean that fireworks aren’t susceptible to malfunctioning. People are supposed to be able to light the fuse and then have the time to step back far enough from the display. If that doesn’t happen, the product may have malfunctioned.

Another danger is going to a large fireworks display, typically hosted by a town or municipality. These government entities oftentimes hire outside companies to conduct fireworks displays, but that does not completely insulate the city if burn injuries occur do to some type of negligence.

Ultimately, a Southern California resident who has suffered burn injuries due to a fireworks accident may be able to file a personal injury lawsuit in order to attempt to pursue compensation. Burn injuries can be very costly to treat, and a victim who was injured due to another party’s negligence or recklessness may have legal options to pursue to help pay for those medical expenses.

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