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The emotional impact of a dog bite injury


Many of our readers may not know it, but animal bites are very common in San Diego and across the United States. Dogs, in particular, bite thousands of people nationwide every year. In many of these cases, the bite victim will suffer serious physical injuries. The worst of these injuries will require medical attention and may leave visible scars. Some victims of dog bites will rack up thousands of dollars in medical expenses having their injuries treated.

However, as taxing as it can be to have physical injuries that require significant medical attention, many people may not realize the emotional toll that suffering injuries in an animal attack can take. The emotional pain can come hand-in-hand with physical pain: scarring may actually be considered disfigurement, and a victim may be forced to go forward in life with highly visible evidence of the dog attack. This can lead to depression and anxiety, among other mental and emotional concerns. And if the attack victim is a child, the emotional cost could be devastating.

At our law firm, we work with animal attack victims who make the decision to pursue a personal injury lawsuit in order to attempt to recover compensation. The pet owner may have some liability for the attack, and we work with our clients to identify the appropriate party to hold responsible.

A successful personal injury claim could result in a financial award that can help the victim cover not only medical costs for physical injuries, but also costs associated with treating the emotional wounds that can occur in an animal attack. For more information, please visit the dog bite overview section of our law firm’s website.