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The many factors in an elder abuse case in San Diego


The population in California continues to grow. Among the fastest growing segments of the population are elderly people. After all, many people in America are living longer, healthier lives. California, in particular, is home to many people who make sensible lifestyle choices. Unfortunately, with more elderly people in the state, the instances of elder abuse are also on the rise.

Elder abuse can come in many different forms. As previous posts here have mentioned, nursing home abuse and neglect are some of the most worrisome potential sources of elder abuse. Residents of nursing homes and assisted living facilities typically are not those healthy elderly people mentioned above. Instead, these residents are vulnerable, perhaps while they attempt to recover from a serious injury or illness, or perhaps even when they are permanent residents.

Elderly people who reside in these facilities can face physical abuse, medication errors or deprivation of food or water. All of these actions – or inactions – may be the fault of the nursing home staff. And, as a result, these residents may be subject to injuries, sudden and unexpected illnesses or even permanent disability.

At our law firm, we attempt to help victims who find themselves subject to nursing home negligence or abuse. In some cases, a personal injury lawsuit can help victims recover compensation. That financial compensation can help victims in Southern California relocate and pay for medical expenses associated with the abuse or neglect. For more information, please visit the elder abuse section of our law firm’s website.