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Tips for New Motorcycle Riders


Getting your first motorcycle is exciting. There is no doubt that the thrill is part of what draws people to riding. However, for everyone, both the most cautious rider and the most extreme thrill-seeker, riding can be dangerous.

We see the results of this danger in our clients. Injuries suffered from motorcycle accidents can be devastating, and recovering your losses can be difficult. Consumer Reports published a list of safety tips for motorcycle riders. Following these tips can help you avoid the pain and suffering from an accident. Below, we’ve chosen a few of our favorite tips.

Wear the right gear

As the Consumer Reports story states, riders not wearing a helmet are 40 percent more likely to have a fatal accident and three times more likely to suffer brain injuries. It’s hard to overstate the importance of wearing a helmet. Beyond that, it is important to wear leather or a reinforced jacket, pants and footwear that will protect you from debris and road rash.

Learn to ride

It may sound simple, but learning how to handle a bike can be one of your greatest safety measures. Taking a course in motorcycle safety, and learning how to correctly maneuver and control your bike in emergency situations can help you avoid accidents.

Be defensive and watch for hazards

Car drivers are often at fault in motorcycle accidents because they don’t see you riding. Driving defensive and being aware of your surroundings is an important part of staying safe on your bike. Similarly, it is important to watch out for road hazards. Debris or wet roads can be dangers, and you should be aware of this whenever you are on your bike.

While there is no guarantee you will avoid a motorcycle accident if you follow these tips, they offer a good starting point.