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Awkward: Filing a claim for a single-vehicle accident


Insurance companies don’t like paying for single-car accidents. (Not that they like paying for any accident.) They see that you suffered head injuries when your car went off the road, and they think:

This had to be your fault. Compensation denied.

But hold on there. There are circumstances in which you may be injured through the negligence of another. Consider these scenarios:

  • Cargo on the freeway. A lumberyard truck up ahead of you hit a bump and out spilled a load of 2×8 boards. You either drove into the fallen debris, or veered off the road to avoid it.

  • Roadkill that should have been removed. You have the right to expect that dead animals will not still be on the road days later.
  • The phantom car crash. Another driver cuts you off and causes you to veer off road, where you strike a guardrail. The phantom driver speeds on, oblivious to the harm he has done to you.
  • Defective car part. You crash into a box elder tree. It looks bad, until you see that your right front tire had burst. Investigation shows the tread on the tire had split open.

The point being, single-car accidents come in many different shapes, and they are real, and should be covered in your policy.

It’s still good to have a knowledgeable attorney on your side when you file a claim. Insurance companies are still in no hurry to pay you. Experienced legal representation is always your best shot at rightful compensation.