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Rain-soaked roads make for dangerous driving


In Southern California we have the benefit of not worrying about winter driving. That doesn’t mean we don’t have our own road conditions to deal with.

Rain may not seem like a big deal, but it can make driving much more hazardous. A recent crash in Ramona was caused by slippery roadways from rain. Slick roads of any kind are one of the biggest dangers when driving.

In this case, the driver who lost control was going more than 60 MPH, which is much too fast in dangerous conditions. She slid into oncoming traffic and caused a broadside collision with another motorist, injuring three and killing one.

This tragedy serves as a reminder to drive safely in inclement weather. Wet roads are slippery roads, and that leads to danger. Some safety precautions to take include:

  • Slow down. Speed is often the most dangerous part of any accident. Drive at a speed that makes it easy to control your vehicle.
  • Observe road rules. When you are aware of road signs, passing lanes and other laws and postings, you are a safer driver.
  • Know road conditions. Different areas are more susceptible to flooding or conditions that can lead to hydroplaning.

As drivers, we’re lucky to live in a climate without snow or ice. However, we still need to be aware of hazardous road conditions. Serious accidents can be caused by simple changes in weather or road conditions, and being a cautious driver is your first defense against suffering an injury.