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Don’t animals besides dogs bite people?


Ellis Helm, because we represent victims of animal attacks, gets interesting questions from time to time. Here are a few:

Don’t animals besides dogs bite people?

Yes. People get bitten every day, by everything from mosquitoes to killer whales. The big reason we represent people who are bitten by dogs is that dog bites are common, and the pathway to compensation is clear. The person who owns the dog is almost always responsible for harm the dog does.

If you are bitten by a wild animal, like a coyote or a snake, there will probably not be an obvious party to seek compensation from. Farm workers stepped on by a horse may have a workers’ compensation case. People bitten by zoo animals probably ventured too close.

Are dog bite cases important?

Dog bites may not sound as important as a truck crash, but they are common and can do great damage. Even a small dog can tear flesh and cause infection. Some larger breeds have resulted in death. And the typical victim of dog bites is a small child, or an older or disabled person.

What happens when a dog bites your dog?

If your dog is bitten or killed by another dog, and the owner of that dog was negligent in any way, you may have a case for compensation.

What about injuries that happen in dog parks?

Our region is dotted with lots of great dog parks: Redhawk, Margarita, Menifee, Ann de l’Heureux, South Buena Vista, May Flower, Ramona, Aldergate, Sunset and Hollandia. The rules vary from site to site.

Because they are off-leash areas, liability is a bit harder to assess, but the rule of thumb is: Did the owner of the attacking dog show reasonable care for the safety of others? If the dog had a reputation, it should not have run free. If you have questions about this or any other dog law matter, call the Ellis Helm, APC at [nap_phone id=”LOCAL-REGULAR-NUMBER-5″].