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New California driving laws


Several new driving laws are now on the books with the beginning of 2017. The new laws cover a range of issues California drivers need to consider.

The new measures are meant to make the roads safer for all drivers and passengers. In addition to laws every motorist will have to follow, several laws are geared towards bus companies and motorcyclists specifically.

ABC 7 News has a rundown of new laws that are now in effect. These include:

  • Mobile devices must be mounted: In order to use your mobile device for GPS, it must be mounted to your windshield or dashboard. The state patrol found many drivers would try to fight a ticket for using their phone by arguing they were using GPS. This new law prevents that. Drives also can only use a finger to tap or swipe their phone.
  • Motorcycle lane splitting: We wrote about this recently. While this practice was never illegal, it is now specifically defined as a legal maneuver.
  • New bus rules: Tour and charter buses will have increased inspections and there will be new procedures to ensure children aren’t left on school buses.
  • Child safety seats: Kids under two will be required to have rear-facing car seats. These must also be placed in the backseat.

While there are never any guarantees new laws will help keep motorists safe, these types of changes can help reduce the risk of car accidents. It is also important for drivers to know the new rules to avoid getting ticketed for a violation.