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Wild San Diego weather and driving conditions


Southern California is in the midst of wild storms. Rain, flash floods, extreme winds, crashing waves and, yes, even snow (at least in the mountains). Forecasters are calling it the wettest weather the San Diego area has experienced since 2010.

This type of weather is dangerous, and can lead to injuries, especially if you are driving. It is important to keep yourself safe in inclement weather conditions.

We wrote recently about dangerous road conditions. It is important to keep all the things we mentioned in that blog post in mind with.

It is also important to be aware by following the latest forecasts. The San Diego Tribune offers insight into what we can expect in the coming days from all the rain. Among the biggest concerns:

  • Heavy rains: Heavy rains can mean slick roadways. We may also be in store for flash floods, which can escalate quickly. Never drive into a flood zone, and try to avoid the roads altogether if possible.
  • Winds: Winds in excess of 50 mph are expected. This is dangerous, especially for lighter vehicles. Sudden bursts can lead to loss of control of your vehicle.
  • Downed trees and powers lines: Avoid these hazards at all costs. If you’re driving, be aware of your surroundings.

Follow all precautions if you have to drive to avoid these hazards, and make sure you are aware of other drivers. The best thing to do with a storm like this is to avoid driving, if possible.

Also be aware on foot. These are hazardous conditions that can lead to pedestrian accidents and slip and falls.

We can’t control the weather, but we can do everything we can to keep ourselves from being injured.