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Car crash deaths on the rise


It seems counterintuitive, given better technology and constantly evolving safety standards, but the number of car crash deaths is on the rise. Then again, it may not be hard to see why.

How many multi-tasking drivers do you see on your commute? There are always drivers eating breakfast, looking at their phone or just paying attention to something other than the road.

A recent CBS News story reports on the uptick in car accident deaths. The statistics presented show that distracted driving is likely a leading cause.

  • 47% of drivers admit to texting while driving
  • 10% of drivers admit to driving impaired by alcohol or marijuana
  • 16% of drivers admit to not wearing a seat belt

The numbers are even more glaring when it comes to millennials age 19 to 24, as 88% admit to speeding, running a red light or texting while driving.

Here in California, we have the recent cell phone ban in cars, and the National Safety Council is calling for this law to be implemented across the country. Hopefully, laws to stop distracted driving will be effective, because the current trends show something needs to change.

Part of the issue is that drivers need to be responsible for their own habits. It’s imperative to teach teenagers to drive correctly and carry over those habits into adulthood.

We all share the roads with each other, and just one distracted driver can be a danger to everyone. The best thing for us all to do is stay aware and focused while driving. And maybe consider putting down that phone.