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Common causes of motorcycle accidents


Riding a motorcycle leaves you more exposed than other vehicles. This simple fact make motorcycles a more dangerous mode of transportation than other vehicles. However, this doesn’t mean that riding in general should be considered dangerous. If you follow the proper precautions, riding a motorcycle is a safe and fun way to travel.

There are common circumstances and hazards you should be aware of when riding. In order to help you avoid dangerous situations, we’ve outlined a few common causes of motorcycle accidents.

  • Collisions with other vehicles. This is the most common cause of accidents. Motorcycles are often harder to see and can end up in a driver’s blind sports more easily. While every driver should be aware on the roads, motorcyclists should be extra cautious regarding other drivers.
  • Road conditions. Driving in inclement weather is never a good idea on a motorcycle. However, even on clear days there could be hazards in the roads or poor pavement. Make sure you know the conditions of the roads you plan on taking.
  • Speeding or racing. We know that often motorcyclists are thrill seekers. Ignoring speed limits-or taking part in drag racing or other similar activities-is dangerous. There is nothing wrong with satisfying your thrill seeking side, as long you are doing it safely.
  • Alcohol. It should go without saying, but alcohol and operating a vehicle never go together. If you drink, don’t ride your motorcycle.

We know that accidents happen even if you are following every safety precaution. However, knowing the common causes of accidents is good way to be aware of your surroundings and keep yourself safer when riding.