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How to prevent common motorcycle injuries


We’ve written several times about the dangers of riding a motorcycle. The fact is that motorcycle injuries are common, but they are also preventable.

What are some of the most common motorcycle accidents? How do you prevent injuries? For how dangerous riding a motorcycle can be, there are plenty of precautions and safety measures you can take.

We don’t want to keep repeating ourselves about paying attention when you are riding. It seems like we have that advice in every post we write, but it’s the truth. Being an aware rider is the best way to stay safe on your motorcycle. However, paying attention isn’t always enough. You need to have the right safety gear to prevent common injuries such as concussions, road rash and broken bones.

The safety gear every motorcyclist should have includes:

  • Helmet
  • Gloves
  • Jacket
  • Boots
  • Pants

It is also important to have equipment made of the right materials that meets the necessary safety standards. Helmets should have a visor or you should wear goggles. Jackets and pants should have proper padding or be made of leather or another material that can help protect you should an accident occur.

The injuries associated with motorcycle accidents can be devastating. Some are life-threatening. Some could leave you permanently disable. At the very least, many injuries will require recovery that could lead to you missing work or incurring large medical expenses. There is no perfect solution to safety on a motorcycle, but if you wear the right equipment and are familiar with the risks, you are taking the right first step.