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The dangers of street racing


It should go without saying that street racing is dangerous. Yet, we still hear about accidents where drag racing is the suspected cause.

The thrill of speed and competition is not worth risking your life—especially in such a reckless, dangerous and illegal way. Many car accidents are just that, accidents. However, we should all look for ways to minimize the number of car wrecks, and drag racing is a simple and obvious place to start.

We’re bringing this topic up because of a recent accident reported in the Orange County Register. The official cause of the wreck isn’t confirmed in the story, but a witness reported the vehicle may have been involved in a street race.

You’ve likely heard of street racing, and know what it entails. We understand the draw of competition and speed. However, we also know that speed is one of the biggest dangers of driving. When it comes to unimpaired driving, speed is frequently a major contributor to accidents, which is what makes street racing so dangerous.

Professional racers have special vehicles and take safety precautions. They race on tracks to account for variables that can’t be accounted for on city streets. When you factor in multiple cars driving at high speeds, street racing is recipe for disaster.

We understand the draw of thrill-seeking, but we encourage you to find safe ways to fulfill that need. Taking unnecessary risks in a vehicle can lead to car accidents. Why wouldn’t you do everything you can to take the human element out of crashes?