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Family could file wrongful death claim after California crash


Different people utilize California roadways at all times of the day and night. While drivers may be lulled into a sense of security during the early morning hours as they assume there will not be pedestrians on the roadways, the fact is that pedestrians can be present at any time of the day or night. Unfortunately, one man recently lost his life after he was struck and dragged by a vehicle in an incident that could ultimately lead to a wrongful death lawsuit.

The incident happened at approximately 1 a.m. on a day in April. A police officer says that he was stopped at a traffic light when he heard a thud. He claims he noticed shoes in the road and what appeared to be a body underneath a vehicle. He followed the vehicle, which reportedly stopped after traveling approximately one block.

Unfortunately, the pedestrian, who was said to be in a crosswalk when he was struck, died at the scene. The 82-year-old driver of the car believed to have struck him claims he had no idea that he struck someone and stopped as soon as he became aware. Prosecutors are left to make a determination regarding criminal charges.

Regardless of whether California prosecutors opt to pursue charges against the alleged driver, surviving family members of the deceased man have the option of filing a wrongful death lawsuit. A successfully presented case could ultimately result in an award of damages that will help family members cope with the financial consequences of their loss, including any lost wages and funeral expenses. An attorney with experience with such cases can help them fully understand their options and choose the appropriate path for legal recourse.

Source:, “Pedestrian Dies After Being Struck, Dragged Under Car in Long Beach“, Anthony Kurzweil and Jennifer Gould, April 18, 2017