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Slip and fall accidents: Ankle injury results in lawsuit


For many college students in California, their college’s’ campus is both literally and figuratively home. Because campuses often have a great deal of foot traffic, extra attention may need to be paid to whether walking paths and sidewalks are adequately maintained. Unfortunately, failure to do so could result in dangerous slip and fall accidents.

An out-of-state former college student has recently filed a lawsuit against the university she was attending at the time she suffered a foot injury. According to a lawsuit filed in April, the woman was walking home from the grocery store when her path was blocked by a locked gate. Because of the gate, she claims she was forced to use an uneven pathway to walk to her dorm.

Unfortunately, she apparently fractured her ankle while doing so. After undergoing surgery, she reportedly left the university, resulting in the loss of her financial aid. Additionally, she did not receive credit for the courses she was taking that semester. A recently filed lawsuit against the university claims that the college should have paved the walking path due to the heavy foot traffic in the area.

For many companies or schools, putting off necessary repairs or upgrading property features, such as walking paths, may save money. However, this oversight can have serious physical and financial ramifications for those who fall victim to slip and fall accidents. In this case, the woman experienced medical bills as well as the loss of her financial aid. Victims of such negligence in California also have the option of filing a personal injury lawsuit in an attempt to hold property owners responsible for negligence that results in harm.

Source:, “Former student suing over fall at FAMU“, Karl Etters, May 3, 2017