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Car accidents: California driver allegedly crashes into houses


There are likely many places and situations in which a person worries about the safety and well-being of his or her children. However, most parents in California likely feel relatively safe when their child is playing in their front yard, especially in terms over concerns of involvement in car accidents. Unfortunately, one young boy was recently sent to the hospital after he was struck by a car while in his yard.

Reports indicate that the accident happened one evening on a day in mid-June. Police say that a vehicle left the roadway before driving through a front yard and porch before coming to a rest in another house. Unfortunately, an 8-year-old was injured after allegedly being struck by the car; reports indicate that he suffered liver damage and a shattered leg.

The owner of one of the houses claims that the car came to a rest in his daughter’s bedroom. Fortunately, no one was at home at the time. A witness reports that some people physically restrained the driver because they were concerned that he would flee the scene. Police suspect that speed was a factor but are unsure if alcohol played a role.

Unfortunately, car accidents such as this can leave victims facing a long path to recovery. Often, families in California struggle as a result of medical bills stemming from the necessary physical and emotional treatments. To help cope with these expenses, families facing such an ordeal due to actions of a negligent driver often choose to pursue damages in a civil court. If their claims can be proved, the court could award them damages — a decision that will help them cope with the financial ramifications of an accident such as this.

Source:, “Child Struck By Car After Man Drives Into Colton Home“, Mariel Turner and Elizabeth Espinosa, June 13, 2017