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Car accidents: Police investigate serious collision


It is necessary for many people in California to utilize state roads as they go about their day-to-day lives. While most motorists go to great lengths to drive safely, car accidents often still occur due to the unavoidable actions of others. Unfortunately, two drivers were recently airlifted to the hospital after they were involved in a serious collision.

Many of the details regarding the collision are unclear. However, it occurred just after 3 p.m. on a day in early November. According to reports, one of the vehicles involved was struck by a second. The driver of the first reportedly suffered “major trauma” and was transported to the hospital by helicopter.

The driver of the second vehicle was said to have been walking around in the immediate aftermath of the accident. However, he was also airlifted to the hospital after he began experiencing chest pain and shortness of breath. A third vehicle was involved and sustained damage to its front end, but it is unclear how that damaged occurred. That driver was treated by paramedics at that scene and released.

An investigation into the accident will most likely follow as police work to determine what caused the accident and which driver responsible for the accident. Once that determination is made — either through the policy inquiry or an independent investigation — the driver not believed to have caused the accident may choose to file a personal injury lawsuit against the responsible party. Because medical treatment and lost wages can have such a financial toll, many victims of car accidents in California choose to pursue such action in order to protect their financial stability as they recover.

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