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Slip-and-fall accidents: Student disabled in fall, lawsuit


The vast majority of schools in California and across the country go to great lengths to ensure the personal safety of their students from intruders. However, schools must put the same amount of energy into ensuring that property conditions do not cause slip-and-fall accidents. Unfortunately, a lawsuit against an elementary school in another state alleges that the school failed to do so.

The lawsuit involves a male student at the school and was filed by his mother on his behalf. Court papers claim that the victim slipped on a liquid substance that was on the floor when he entered a restroom during a recess period. He reportedly suffered injuries that are described as both severe and permanent in the fall.

The child’s mother makes several allegations against the school in the lawsuit. She alleges that the school allowed the substance to remain on the floor without warning students. She further claims that the school knew, or should have known, that the liquid was a risk to students. Because she claims that the fall resulted in a lasting disability that will require ongoing medical treatment, she is seeking unspecified damages.

Property owners or managers have a responsibility to guests and others who frequent the properties. Responsibilities include maintaining property conditions to prevent slip-and-fall accidents such as this. Because a fall can easily result in significant, debilitating injuries many victims in California pursue justice in a civil court. If negligence can be proved, victims could receive a financial award to help them with the medical bills and lost wages, among other expenses, that often follow.

Source: Joliet, IL Patch, “Mother Sues Joliet District 86 After Son Slips In Boys Bathroom“, John Ferak, Dec. 22, 2017