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Car accidents: Man, woman seriously injured in California crash


At the end of the year, many people in California choose to socialize with friends and family that they may not see frequently throughout the year. During these activities, some people will choose to consume alcohol, prompting them to seek alternative methods of transportation, such as an Uber car. Unfortunately, even those who follow such a responsible course of action could be involved in car accidents caused by drunk drivers. For example, police believe that the accident that injured a young woman and man was caused by a driver who had been drinking.

Reports claim that the 21-year-old woman and her friend had been drinking earlier in the evening. As a result, they hired an Uber driver to transport them to another friend’s house. Unfortunately, police claim that the driver of another vehicle ran a red light, striking the Uber car.

The female passenger suffered serious brain injuries in the crash and remained comatose several days after the crash. The friend traveling with her also suffered serious injuries, while both drivers suffered minor injuries. The driver police say ran the red light was allegedly drinking before the accident, and he recently pleaded not guilty to several charges stemming from the accident.

Friends of the young woman claim that she has undergone several surgeries to reduce the potential long-term implications of her brain injuries, and she still faces more. Both injured parties in the accident could potentially face a long recovery, resulting in stacks of medical bills. Because of the type of injuries she suffered, the woman may require care for the rest of her life. To help manage the costs of car accidents, many victims and their families in California choose to file a personal injury lawsuit against those believed to be responsible. If it can be proved that negligence caused an accident, they could receive a financial award to help them cope with the financial consequences of their injuries.

Source:, “College student from San Pedro clinging to life after suspected drunken driver crashes into Uber car“, Larry Altman, Dec. 29, 2017