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Slip-and-fall accidents: Jury awards woman almost $5 million


When people from California are away from home, they have certain expectations when they stay at a hotel. At the very minimum, they expect that those tasked with maintaining the premises of the hotel will ensure that there is proper maintenance and that adequate warnings will be given in the event of dangerous conditions. Failure to do so could result in slip-and-fall accidents.

A woman in another state has recently won a lawsuit against Marriott International Inc. and Courtyard Management Corp. after she was reportedly injured when she fell on property owned by the former in Jan. 2010. She filed a lawsuit in 2012. After testimony was given that the fall shattered her ankle, requiring two surgeries, the jury awarded her $1.2 million. However, an appeals court overturned the award after it was determined that the district judge provided jury instructions that were not correct.

Because of her injury, the woman claims that she had to take a position that paid less after arthritis set in, which made her unable to travel. She also must use a can to walk and experiences a significant amount of pain. The case was recently heard again, and the jury awarded the woman $4.9 million.

While many people may assume that slip-and-fall accidents are relatively minor, they can easily cause injuries that will adversely impact the rest of a victim’s life. In this case, a jury determined that the hotel was negligent, resulting in the woman’s injuries. As a result, she was awarded damages to help manage the financial ramifications of the fall. Those who are similarly injured in California also have the option of pursuing damages through the civil court system.

Source:, “Follow-up File: Slip-and-fall verdict awards Texas woman $4.9 million“, Tara Becker-Gray, March 11, 2018