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Failure to yield factor in California motorcycle accident


Many laws associated with driving — either on motorcycles or in more traditional motor vehicles — may seem relatively simple. However, this simplicity is often deceptive. Many laws — such as yielding to traffic — are in place because they save lives. Failure to obey them can have fatal consequences. Such appears to be the case in a recent California motorcycle accident.

The accident happened at approximately 8 p.m. on a day in mid-April. According to reports, the driver of a sedan stopped briefly at a stop sign at an intersection. However, police claim that the driver failed to see an oncoming motorcyclist.

Unfortunately, the motorcyclist allegedly struck the vehicle, causing the 50-year-old driver to be ejected. He passed away as a result of the injuries he suffered in the collision. Though the other driver involved is said to have suffered minor injuries, he did not require treatment at a hospital. Police do not believe that drugs or alcohol played a role in the collision.

It is often devastating to think that if a driver had waited another 30 seconds to continue, a life could have been saved. Unfortunately, many families in California have suffered a loss from a motorcycle accident. Often, these victims are left wondering how they will respond to the financial consequences of their loss, potentially including lost wages and funeral costs. As a result, some choose to gather information about their legal options, potentially including filing a civil lawsuit against those deemed responsible. While a successfully presented case will not lessen their grief, it could ensure that these families are able to focus on their recovery rather than whether they will be able to meet their financial responsibilities.

Source:, “Motorcyclist killed in Fresno County crash“, Ashleigh Panoo, April 16, 2018