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Wrongful death suit possible following fiery California crash


Most parents do everything in their power to keep their children safe. They buy the highest rated car seats and follow all traffic laws when their children are in the car with them. Unfortunately, there is often little some parents can do to avoid the negligent acts of the drivers that they may encounter while on California roadways. Unfortunately, the surviving members of one family may be considering their legal options, including filing a wrongful death lawsuit.

The incident involves a fiery car crash that happened at approximately 7:30 on an evening in late April. According to a witness, the driver of a sports utility vehicle accelerated in an attempt to make it through a traffic light. Unfortunately, the SUV reportedly broadsided a van making a left turn.

The van was dragged approximately 25 feet before it struck a curb and burst into flames. Though witnesses reportedly rushed to the aid of those inside the van, a man and two of his children, including a 6-month-old baby, died. The mother and a 9-year-old were listed in critical condition. The driver of the SUV was also critically injured and was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence and vehicular manslaughter.

In addition to recovery from their own injuries, the two surviving members must also come to terms with the unexpected death of their loved ones. While they will likely face extensive medical bills, they will also have to cope with the costs of funeral expenses. Many in California who have lost a loved one in such a manner have opted to file a wrongful death lawsuit. While a successfully presented case likely will do little to reduce their grief, such an outcome can help them ensure their financial obligations are met.

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