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Young girl killed in California car accident


There are many inherent risks involved with riding in a vehicle that weighs several thousand pounds and travels at high rates of speeds. Fortunately, there are multiple steps that drivers in California and across the country can take to help avoid being involved in a car accident. When drivers fail to take certain precautions, however, such as avoiding driving when they are overtired, there are often serious ramifications.

In fact, a young California girl recently lost her life in a car accident. Police say the incident involved three vehicles. According to reports, the driver of a northbound vehicle fell asleep while driving. As a result, the vehicle reportedly struck a second vehicle in the rear, causing the latter to strike the third vehicle involved. The force of impact caused the second vehicle to overturn.

Three people involved in the accident were transported to the hospital for treatment. A 9-year-old girl who had been riding in the second vehicle died at the hospital. Police say that neither drugs nor alcohol appeared to have played a role in the crash. It is unclear if criminal charges will be filed.

Now a California family is left grieving the unexpected loss of their family member. In addition to coping with their grief, they may also struggle with the financial complications of their loss, including funeral expenses and medical costs. Even if criminal charges are not filed as a result of the car accident, the family still has the option of seeking justice in a civil court. A successfully presented wrongful death lawsuit could potentially result in a financial award that help help them cope with these expenses.