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California car accidents: 1 killed in head-on crash


States are concerned about preventing motor vehicle crashes. They often go to great lengths in attempt to protect drivers. While their efforts can help reduce the chances of car accidents occurring, the possibility cannot be completely eradicated due to drivers who are inattentive, for example. In fact, a recent crash in California resulted in a fatality.

The incident happened on a day in early July. According to reports, two vehicles collided head-on on Highway 65. One of the vehicles exited the road on the northbound side of the highway while the other excited on the southbound side. The former reportedly flipped and rolled as a result of the collision.

A passenger in the vehicle that rolled over is said to have been ejected. Another occupant was reportedly trapped. While it is unclear what caused the accident and if criminal charges are anticipated, the incident likely remains under investigation. Reports indicate that that the incident closed lanes in both direction, causing significant delays.

While California police are working to understand the accident, a family is now coping with the news of the unexpected loss of their loved one. Often the ramifications of such a loss extend beyond the emotional, with some families experiencing financial stress as well due to funeral costs and lost wages. When car accidents are determined to have been caused by negligence, some victims — including surviving family members of deceased victims — choose to file a personal injury lawsuit against the parties that are believed to be responsible. A successfully presented lawsuit can help these victims cope with the financial complications of such incidents, allowing them to focus on their recovery.