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Wrongful death: California couple killed in crash


Even in a short drive, a driver will likely encounter multiple traffic signs and signals. While it may be easy to become desensitized to such features, their overall importance makes it necessary for drivers to carefully attend to the information provided in these signs. Unfortunately, a recent crash in California — that could ultimately lead to a wrongful death lawsuit — has resulted in the loss of two lives.

The accident happened on an afternoon on a day in early July. According to police, the driver of a sedan failed to stop at a stop sign. As a result, the driver’s vehicle allegedly struck a vehicle, causing it overturn multiple times before coming to a rest in a yard. Both occupants in the latter vehicle died at the scene.

The four occupants of the former — including two children — were transported to the hospital. While reports indicate that the accident remains under investigation, one police officer claims that there is a sign warning about the stop sign as well as lines painted on the roads. He suggests that failing to see those warnings are a sign of distraction.

Unfortunately, a family is now left — unexpectedly — planning a funeral. While law enforcement officials will work to determine what criminal charges — if any — are warranted as a result of this California car accident, the families of the deceased victims have other legal paths to justice. This potentially includes filing a wrongful death lawsuit against the parties determined to be responsible. While a successfully presented lawsuit will do little to reduce their grief, it could provide them the financial security they need to focus on their recovery.