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Car accidents: Drunk driver allegedly causes California pileup


Most drivers in California are aware of the necessary precautions need to ensure both their safety as well as the safety of those they may encounter while driving. Despite being aware of the importance of obeying speed limits and not driving while under the influence, some people still choose to disobey traffic laws, sometimes causing serious car accidents. Unfortunately, reports indicate that a 25-year-old mother was recently killed in a multi-car pileup allegedly caused by the actions of a driver who was under the influence.

The incident happened on a California roadway during the early morning hours of a day in late August. According to reports, a 22-year-old male was driving at over 100 mph. Police say that his vehicle struck another vehicle, creating wreckage in the center lane.

Several minutes after the initial collision, multiple other vehicles struck the wreckage. One of the drivers, a 25-year-old woman, is believed to have unbuckled after coming to a stop to reach for her baby. She is said to have suffered fatal injuries when her vehicle was struck by another. Ultimately, nine vehicles were involved and multiple people were transported to the hospital for treatment, including the deceased woman’s infant who is in critical condition despite being appropriately buckled.

The negligent acts of drivers on California roadways can ultimately cause car accidents with devastating consequences. Now an infant is left without his mother while several other victims must now recover from the injuries suffered in the accident. Often, hospital bills, lost wages and funeral expenses can create a heavy burden for victims and their families, who are already facing difficulties. In an attempt to relieve some of these burdens, some victims choose to file a personal injury lawsuit against the party deemed responsible. If successfully presented, a monetary award could remove some of the stressors that often accompany such an incident.