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Wrongful death: 2 killed in California collision


Safe drivers in California and across the country are constantly on the lookout for others who may be driving in a way that could ultimately result in a crash. Unfortunately, not all unsafe behaviors can be anticipated or responded to in time to avoid an accident. In fact, two women were recently killed in an accident believed to have been caused by a person driving the wrong way while under the influence. The family may choose to file a wrongful death lawsuit as a result.

The incident happened during the early morning hours of a day in August. According to reports, the deceased victims, a 74-year-old and 56-year-old mother-daughter pair, were headed east on a California freeway. Unfortunately, their car was struck by a vehicle police say was headed the wrong direction.

In addition to the two fatalities, a 40-year-old man in the eastbound vehicle also suffered major injuries. The alleged wrong-way driver was also hospitalized. Though his identity was not released in the immediate aftermath of the accident, it is expected that he will be charged with driving under the influence; he may also face additional charges.

An accident such as this can create significant financial hardship. While many families in California may turn to fundraising websites to help cover lost wages and funeral costs, these efforts may be insufficient to raise all the necessary funds. Fortunately, when an accident caused by negligence results in death, surviving family members have the option of filing a wrongful death lawsuit against those deemed responsible.