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California wrongful death: Toddler killed in pedestrian accident


Most parents in California and across the country would do anything in their power to protect their children. This willingness likely makes the unexpected death of a child that much more devastating for surviving family members. Unfortunately, a family — who may be considering whether to file a wrongful death lawsuit — is now forced to face the unexpected death of their toddler.

The fatal incident happened at approximately 5:30 p.m. on a day in early November. Reports indicate that the 2-year-old girl was holding her father’s hand while the pair crossed the street. Unfortunately, they were reportedly struck by a vehicle driven by a 39-year-old man.

The toddler died after being transported to the hospital. Her 32-year-old father is currently listed in critical condition. Though police say that there was no marked crosswalk where the pair was crossing and that drugs or alcohol are not believed to have been a factor, there are many details surrounding the incident that are unclear. Police also reported that the driver remained at the scene and cooperated with them.

Often those who experience the unexpected loss of a loved one face the double blow that comes with funeral expenses and medical bills. In fact, many families in California often feel that they have no other option but to file a wrongful death lawsuit against those who are deemed responsible. While a successfully presented lawsuit will likely do little to reduce their grief, it could provide them the financial security necessary to focus on their overall recovery.