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Motorcycle accident injuries can be life altering


Motorcycle riders in California will know that more traffic on the highways at this time of the year will make their rides more dangerous. Because bikes have only two wheels, they cannot stand without support, and along with the fact that riders have limited protection, the consequences of any motorcycle accident could be catastrophic. While helmets and leather riding suits offer some protection, some common injuries frequently result from bike crashes.

With riders exposed as they are, any accident will likely have them making contact with the rough road surface. For this reason, road rash is almost par for the course, and if it causes only redness and abrasions of the skin, it is known as first-degree road rash. Second-degree involves a broken surface skin but undamaged inner skin layers, and the most severe, third-degree road rash, occurs when the outer skin is removed, exposing tissue and fat layers beneath. Head injuries are also prevalent, and although helmets have saved many lives, they only provide some level of protection. A helmet does not prevent the violent movement of the brain inside the skull, often leaving victims with traumatic brain injuries.

Fractured bones are the most common injuries that motorcyclists suffer. In many cases, bikers suffer broken legs when the motorcycles fall onto their legs after it is struck by other vehicles. However, other bones that are vulnerable include those in the arms and wrists because of the natural instinct to try and break the fall. Shoulder and pelvis fractures are also reasonably common in bike accidents.

With none of the safety devices that protect occupants of automobiles, any victim of a motorcycle accident could suffer injuries that require surgery, extended physical therapy or even a disability that prevents him or her from returning to work. If another party’s negligence caused such an accident, injured victims might have grounds for a civil lawsuit. With the support and guidance of an experienced California personal injury attorney, financial relief to cover medical expenses, lost income, and physical and emotional pain and suffering might be obtained.