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Wrongful death: 2 killed in crash with California tour bus


Unexpected conditions often arise while driving on California roadways. For example, traffic that could have been moving along at a decent speed could quickly slow. As a result, drivers must be ready to respond to a variety of different conditions and remain vigilant even in stop-and-go traffic. Unfortunately, an accident, potentially a case of wrongful death, has resulted the the deaths of two people.

The incident happened at around 10:30 p.m. on a day in late October. According to reports, traffic in the northbound lanes of a California interstate was stop-and-go when police claim that a tour bus slammed into the back of two vehicles. The tour bus was empty of passengers at the time.

The bus is said to have pushed one of the vehicles for a short distance and crashed into the rear of it. It also allegedly struck a second vehicle, sandwiching it between the bus and a tractor-trailer. While the driver of the bus and the tractor-trailer were uninjured, the two other drivers involved died. Reports indicate that the cause of the accident, which remains under investigation, is unknown.

At this time, it is unclear whether criminal charges will be filed against the driver of the tour bus. However, the families of the two deceased victims are now forced to come to terms with the unexpected loss of their loved ones. Because such a loss can leave surviving family members financially insecure, they may choose to file a wrongful death lawsuit against the parties deemed responsible. In an accident involving a commercial vehicle, this could include both the driver and his or her employer. An attorney with experience with such cases in California can examine the details of the case and help the families take appropriate action.