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Is there a downside to so much new car technology?


New cars seem to have limitless safety features meant to make your trip more secure. Automakers tout features that can help you steer, change lanes and even parallel park.

Unfortunately, people are finding these features can be more intrusive than helpful. Here are some of the ways safety technology can hinder your driving ability:

Systems create a false sense of security

Car advertisements make it seem like these vehicles are able to drive themselves. Many drivers aren’t aware of the limitations of their car’s safety technology. This means many rely on a system to perform in ways it wasn’t designed for.

This technology can encourage lazy or dangerous driving habits in drivers. Owners may rely on blindspot monitoring instead of checking before a lane change, for example. Someone may confuse a lane-assist system for automated steering.

Alarms may cause drivers to panic

With lane departure alerts or blindspot monitors, your car may emit a sharp noise when it senses something is wrong. These alarms can cause confusion or even panic in drivers who are not used to them.

In fact, Esurance found that 25 percent of drivers are disabling safety features. Many people find the alert system to be too aggressive, and to hinder their driving ability more than it helps keep them safe on the road.

New technology means new distractions

As automobile manufacturers pack in new features, the opportunity for distraction increases. New cars feature buttons on the steering wheel and new bright entertainment displays.

These technologies can inform drivers about road conditions, speed or navigation. However, they can also seriously affect a driver’s concentration. The new features may be contributing to the rise of distracted driving that we’ve seen over the past decade.

Staying safe on California roads

When you are on the road in San Diego or across the state, you want to believe other drivers are as focused on the task at hand as you are.

Unfortunately, sometimes that isn’t the case. If you’re in an accident with another driver, a skilled attorney can be a valuable resource to walk you through the claims process from the beginning.