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California wrongful death: DUI suspected in fatal crash


Safe drivers remain aware of their surroundings and prepared to respond to changing conditions or unexpected hazards at all times. Unfortunately, there are some accidents that even the safest of drivers find themselves unable to avoid. In fact, a man was recently arrested following a crash in California that could ultimately result in wrongful death claims.

The incident reportedly happened during the early morning hours of a day in March. According to reports, the two vehicles involved in the crash were headed north on a California interstate. Though many details are unclear, the California Highway Patrol reports that a driver of a pickup truck struck the rear of a vehicle with an elderly driver.

Witnesses who were reportedly attempting to help the elderly man report that the driver of the pickup truck was acting suspiciously. In addition to claiming that he looked “perfectly fine” with no injuries, one witness says that he began throwing things from his vehicle into the bushes. He was ultimately arrested on suspicion of DUI. Reports indicate that the elderly man was transported to the hospital but ultimately passed away from the injuries he suffered in the collision.

No family is ever prepared for the news of the unexpected, preventable death of a loved one. Unfortunately, the deceased victim’s family is now left to mourn the loss of a family member, potentially while also creating a plan to help them cope with the financial ramifications of their loss. To help, the victim’s surviving family members may choose to file a wrongful death lawsuit against the driver who was arrested in connection to the California accident.