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Motorcycle accident involving a pig investigated in California


All motorists must be aware of their surroundings and prepared to respond to a change in conditions at all times. Unfortunately, even the safest, most vigilant drivers sometimes encounter conditions that may be difficult to respond to in a timely manner. For example, police in California report that a man recently died in a motorcycle accident after striking a pig that was in the road.

The incident reportedly occurred during the late evening hours of a day in early March. A 57-year-old motorcyclist was headed east on a California road when he struck a pig that was in the roadway. He was ejected from the motorcycle.

A man driving a van behind the motorcycle reportedly swerved to miss the animal but was unsuccessful. The van also struck the motorcyclist; he was pronounced dead at the scene. Neither of the occupants in the van were injured. Police say it is unclear if the pig was already dead at the time of the collision or to whom it belonged; reports indicate that some residents in the area own livestock.

Unfortunately, the unexpected death of a loved one due to a motorcycle accident can leave surviving family members in California in a precarious situation. Often while still coming to terms with the news of their loss, they are also faced with significant financial ramifications. As such, they may choose to turn an attorney with experience with personal injury cases to fully understand their options, including whether to seek damages from the owner of the pig and/or assist them as they seek fair compensation from the biker’s homeowner’s policy or motorcycle insurance.