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Slip-and-fall accident results in civil lawsuit


Most businesses in California and across the country want to attract customers to their premises. In exchange, however, patrons expect that the premises are maintained to prevent their injury. Unfortunately, a woman in another state claims that she was injured as a result of a slip-and-fall accident at a Walmart that occurred as a result of the store’s negligence.

The incident reportedly happened in April 2017. A representative for the woman claims that at the time of the accident, the woman was recovering from knee surgery that she underwent the month before. Unfortunately, while she was walking in the detergent aisle, she claims she slipped and fell in a substance described as “wet and slick.”

The fall reportedly resulted in additional injury to the woman’s knee. As a result, she states that she required additional surgery in June 2017. Her lawsuit claims that her injuries were the result of negligent conduct, including failure to maintain a safe premises and warning customers of dangerous conditions. She is seeking compensation for future and past medical conditions as well as pain and suffering.

A customer’s expectation that the property of a business be maintained to protect personal safety, or adequate notification is provided in the event a hazard arises, is a reasonable one. Failure to do so can often result in significant consequences if someone were to suffer a slip-and-fall accident as a result. Those injured at a California property often feel that they have no other option but to file a civil lawsuit if they were injured because of negligence.