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Car accidents: 5 injured when car crashes into restaurant


When eating at one’s favorite restaurant, one doesn’t expect to be the victim of a car crash. However, this is exactly what happened to patrons of a Carl’s Jr. establishment in Huntington Park, California, recently. As with other car accidents caused by driver negligence, those injured may elect to pursue personal injury claims against the driver responsible if negligence can be established.

The incident occurred on Monday, April 1. The Los Angeles County Fire Department responded to a call that a car had crashed into the restaurant located on E. Florence Avenue. The silver sedan was reported to be completely inside the eatery, and employees of the restaurant reported they thought an earthquake was occurring because of the loud crash and resulting cloud of dust. Purportedly, the car had slammed through the drive-thru window and into the main dining area after jumping a curb on an adjacent street.

Three individuals, including one adult and two children, were taken to the hospital, and two victims were listed in critical condition. The car’s driver suffered minor injuries and was taken to the hospital, while two others received medical treatment at the scene. Authorities believe excessive speed was a causal factor in the crash.

Should authorities determine the driver’s negligence or wrongdoing caused the accident, those injured can use that information to help recoup the damages they incurred. This is a right reserved for all victims of car accidents in California and elsewhere to help with medical bills, lost wages and other expenses resulting from the accident. A personal injury attorney can review the evidence, help establish negligence on the part of the driver and work to recover the full amount of compensation to which the victims are entitled.