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Woman sues businesses after injury in slip-and-fall accident


When a person in California or other area of the country suffers an injury, he or she often has difficulty paying the resulting medical bills. Between this financial hardship and the desire to force a negligent person or business to take action to prevent future harm to someone else, many victims often feel as if they have no option but to turn to litigation. A woman in another state who claims she was the victim of a slip-and-fall accident has recently opted to take such action.

The 70-year-old was reportedly Christmas shopping with her daughter in a downtown area. Reports indicate that she tripped on a curb that was located between two businesses, causing her to fall. The fall resulted in the loss of teeth in addition to gashes on her face.

The recently filed lawsuit claims that because the curb was the same color as the sidewalk near it, it was not obvious to passersby. The plaintiff further alleges that the businesses had been warned by the police department that the curb was “dangerous.” Despite this warning, the woman claims that neither business chose to take action.

The woman is seeking $25,000 from the businesses to cover incurred medical expenses. She hopes that by taking legal action, the businesses will choose to take measures to ensure that no one else is similarly injured by the curb. Because property owners in California and across the country have a duty to help protect those on their premises from known hazards, those injured due a failure to take appropriate precautions or repairs may choose to take action as this woman has done to hold owners accountable in the event a slip-and-fall accident occurs. An attorney with experience with such cases can help victims fully understand the options available to them.