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2 seriously injured in California car accident


Though there are many safe drivers on California roadways, even the safest drivers may be unable to adequately respond to the negligent actions of others. Unfortunately, two men recently suffered serious injuries in a car accident. A dash cam from a tractor-trailer that was ultimately involved in the accident reportedly captured the incident as it unfolded.

The crash happened around 12:30 p.m. on a day in mid-May. According to reports, a westbound vehicle attempted a left turn into a parking lot. Police say that vehicle clipped an eastbound vehicle while doing so. The force of the impact allegedly sent the eastbound vehicle across the divider into the path of a westbound tractor-trailer, resulting in a collision.

The two male occupants of the eastbound vehicle were transported to the hospital in critical condition; the driver remained hospitalized in the days following the crash. The driver of the tractor-trailer was uninjured. It is unclear if the driver police say attempted the left turn remained at the scene or if criminal charges were filed. Police are asking any witnesses to step forward with information.

Unfortunately, the two men injured in the California car accident could potentially face a lengthy recovery as a result of injuries suffered in the collision. While the physical implications of such an incident are often clear, victims of a car accidents often find themselves in a precarious financial situation as a result of medical expenses and lost wages. To ensure that they are able to focus on their overall recovery rather than their ability to meet their financial obligations, they may choose to file a personal injury lawsuit. If successfully presented, they could receive a financial award that can ensure they are able to pay their bills as they recover.