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California cyclist suffers serious injuries in collision


There are a variety of different methods to legally use California roadways. Though some users — such as cyclists — may face additional risks, if all users work together, the safety of everyone can be ensured. Unfortunately, reports indicate that a bicyclist recently suffered serious injuries following a collision with a motor vehicle.

The incident happened one afternoon on a day in early May. According to reports, a 52-year-old bicyclist was northbound on a California roadway. A 29-year-old in a motor vehicle allegedly approached her from behind, traveling at approximately 55 mph. Police believe that the man — for unknown reasons — allowed the vehicle to veer to the right off the road, striking the cyclist from behind.

Reports indicate that the woman was on the front of the vehicle for a short distance while the driver veered sharply to the left. She ultimately fell off into lanes of traffic. The vehicle continued off the left side of a road and down an embankment before finally coming to a stop in a canal. He was able to exit the vehicle on his own and apparently remained at the scene.

While no arrests were made in the immediate aftermath of the accident, the incident likely remains under investigation. Unfortunately, the serious injuries that the woman suffered in the collision can have life long-term effects — both physically and financially. Often those who suffer such injuries are never able to fully recover, and the medical bills — especially when combined with lost wages — can quickly become overwhelming. As such, when a person in California is injured as a result of another’s negligence, he or she may feel that there is no other choice but to file a personal injury lawsuit against those believed to have been responsible.