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Man faces murder charge due to California car accident


Though there are thousands of drivers on California roadways every day and each has a responsibility to avoid taking action that could cause an accident, there are those who take for granted their ability to avoid causing harm. Unfortunately, such carelessness can often have devastating consequences. For example, a man in California now faces a murder charge after he allegedly caused a car accident that seriously injured one person and took the life of another.

The incident that led to the charges against the 34-year-old man reportedly happened near midnight on a day in Nov. 2017. Prosecutors claim that the man crossed into oncoming traffic while attempting to maneuver a curve. His vehicle allegedly struck on oncoming vehicle, killing a 21-year-old woman.

Additionally, a 26-year-old man in the oncoming vehicle suffered injuries so severe that he was unable to speak in the aftermath of the accident. Law enforcement officials say that the man’s blood alcohol content was significantly over the legal limit, and he was traveling over 30 mph faster than the speed limit allows at the time of the crash. Video from one of his two previous DUI convictions reportedly shows him acknowledging that causing a fatal accident while under the influence of alcohol could result in a murder charge.

Unfortunately, one family must now cope with the loss of their loved one while the other victim may never fully recover due to the severity of his injuries, including a severe brain injury. In addition to the physical and emotional toll a car accident such as this can have, some victims in California — including surviving family members in the event of a fatality — may struggle financially. Because of this, they may choose to seek recompense by filing a personal injury lawsuit in a civil court.