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Jury awards woman almost $2 million after slip-and-fall accident


For many people in California, stopping by a grocery or convenience store is a relatively mundane part of their day. They pick up the items they need, pay and continue with their day. Unfortunately, one woman’s life was significantly altered after she was the victim of a slip-and-fall accident in another state. She was recently awarded more that $1.9 million in damages in response to the personal injury lawsuit she filed as a result of the injuries she suffered.

The incident reportedly happened in 2016. The woman was at USA Grocers, owned by Siraji Inc,, to purchase soda. Unfortunately, she reportedly slipped in a puddle of water that had accumulated in front of a container of ice and beer. The fall resulted in multiple injuries, including a torn rotator cuff, a lumbar spine injury and nerve damage in her wrist.

The woman underwent two surgeries as a result in addition to undergoing pain management and physical therapy; she still faces another surgery. Reports claim that the fall occurred in the same spot in which someone else was injured the year before. The manager, who is said to have admitted being aware of the potential hazard created by the melted ice, mopped the floor and put up warning signs after the woman fell. There were no signs present when she fell.

The monetary award will help with past and future expenses. A representative for the woman and her husband claims that the verdict will help reduce the burden that the slip-and-fall accident created for them. Unfortunately, there are those in California who are also suffering from injuries caused by the negligence of a property owner or manager. To fully understand their legal options, they often seek guidance from an attorney with experience with such cases.