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Wrongful death: 4 motorcyclists killed in California crash


Many people would argue that drivers of traditional motor vehicles have a safety advantage over other types of users — such as motorcyclists — because of the size differences and physical protections that traditional vehicles provide. Unfortunately, a collision between a sport utility vehicle and a motorcycle, for example, can easily have devastating consequences. In fact, four motorcyclists in California were recently killed, reportedly after they were struck by an SUV. Though the SUV driver is facing criminal charges, she could also face a wrongful death lawsuit.

The California Highway Patrol claims to have received reports about the accident during the early morning hours of a day in early August. A 24-year-old northbound female driver is accused of driving the wrong way on a California highway. As a result, reports claim, her SUV struck two motorcycles head-on.

The two motorcycle drivers died at the scene, as did a passenger on each of the motorcycles. The driver of the SUV reportedly suffered major injuries and was transported to the hospital by helicopter. She was released into the custody of police soon after and now faces several criminal charges, including gross vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated, DUI causing injury and driving with a suspended license.

Unfortunately, the families of the four deceased people are now facing the reality of life without their loved ones. Few California families are ever fully prepared for the unexpected death of someone they love. While the emotional toll of such an event is obvious, many families also suffer financially as a result of funeral expenses and lost wages. When a loss is the result of another’s negligence, surviving family members have the option to seek recompense by filing a wrongful death lawsuit against those believed to be responsible. An attorney with experience with such cases can help these victims fully understand their legal options and choose the path that is most appropriate for their individual circumstances.