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Child suffers critical injuries in California pedestrian accident


Most pedestrians know of the potential dangers that they could experience while walking on or near California roads. As such, they often go to great lengths to protect themselves, including ensuring that they only cross streets at designated crosswalks when a pedestrian light indicates it is time to cross. Unfortunately, even then a pedestrian accident can occur when drivers in the area fail to obey traffic signs.

For example, reports indicate that a 12-year-old boy was recently injured at an intersection in California. The accident allegedly happened when a motorist attempted an illegal right turn. The boy was apparently in an intersection with a pedestrian scramble, which stops all traffic and allows pedestrians to cross in all directions.

Reports indicate that the boy suffered critical injuries in the collision. Fortunately, he was reportedly listed in stable conditions in the days following the collision. The Municipal Transportation Agency has since confirmed that all “traffic control devices” were working and there were signs present by the intersections that indicate that right turns on a red light were not allowed.

It is unclear if the driver believed to have been involved in the pedestrian accident is facing any criminal charges. Unfortunately, injuries that require hospital treatment can often leave victims and their families facing a financial crisis due to medical bills and lost wages if they are forced to miss work as they recover (or provide care for an injured family member). As a result, accidents that are believed to have been caused by driver negligence in California often lead to a personal injury lawsuit. An attorney with experience with such cases can help victims fully understand this option and determine whether it is the right path for their individual circumstances.