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California woman sues after suffering injuries in a fall


It seems that areas in California and across the country are embracing the use of electric scooters. While there may be many benefits to having these available, there is also the potential that they could cause serious harm if there are not rules in place that are strictly enforced. Unfortunately, an elderly woman in California recently filed a lawsuit after claiming she suffered injuries in a fall involving these scooters.

The accident is said to have happened in Sept. 2018. The 88-year-old victim’s daughter reports that she was dropping her mother off at a center that offers classes specifically geared to older people. Unfortunately, she claims that, when she pulled into a loading area, said to have been a no parking zone, there were multiple scooters on the ground in the area. The area, she claims, is typically used by older people who frequently require the use of wheelchairs and walkers.

Though she says her mother attempted to make her way through them, she ultimately fell. The woman reportedly suffered five fractures in her pelvis in addition to breaking her elbow. Though her daughter says that the woman was vibrant before the accident, her life has now changed. She has difficulty walking and experiences pain if she lays in bed too long.

As a result of the California woman’s injuries, she has chosen to file a $500,000 personal injury lawsuit. Unfortunately, many people who suffer injuries due to the negligent actions of others are often left to cope with the physical, emotional and financial consequences. While a successfully presented lawsuit could result in a monetary award, it could also potentially prompt changes that will prevent others from suffering similarly in the future due to injuries in a fall.