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When wineries can be held accountable for injuries


The Temecula Valley is known for its elegant wineries. Whether it’s for socializing or office get-togethers, wineries can be a great place to get away from the stresses of everyday life and enjoy time out with friends or coworkers.

No matter the type of establishment, people carry a certain level of individual responsibility wherever they go. Even though wineries aren’t often as loud or noisy as a typical bar, there can be an increased risk of getting hurt when alcohol is involved. However, there can be times when the customer may not be at fault for their injuries.

Wineries have a duty of care

Like any other business, wineries are expected to maintain a certain level of care by providing a safe environment for their customers. In many cases, injuries could occur that are outside of the customer’s control. Some of those can include:

  • Spilling of beverages: Wine or other drinks may fall due to customer or staff errors, leaky machines and other factors. According to WorkSafe, a large portion of injuries at wineries occur due to wet floors and frosted grounds. If the business does not put up a warning sign where floors are slippery, it could increase customers’ risk of getting hurt.
  • Overserving customers: Customers who drink too much can pose problems inside and outside the winery, especially if they decide to get behind the wheel while intoxicated. While California dram shop laws have become less strict over time, that doesn’t always mean an establishment will be free from liability.
  • Chemical exposure: There are many chemicals used in wineries. Those can include cleaning solvents, pesticides or fuel. If the toxins from any of these products are inappropriately exposed to customers, it could give some of them skin irritation, diseases or other types of injuries that could last long-term.

Severe injuries can impact anyone

Wineries can be a great place to take in the taste, atmosphere and culture of life in California. However, when a patron receives injuries due to the negligence of the business, it can cause them great hardship. Those hurt at a winery or similar establishments may want to contact a personal injury attorney. They can help examine the evidence in a client’s claim and get them the compensation they deserve.