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California motorcycle accident leads to millions in damages


Some people in California spend a great deal of time behind the wheel of a vehicle. As such, certain aspects of driving may become so commonplace that it may be easy to take them for granted — such as signaling before changing lanes. Unfortunately, what may seem as a relatively small oversight to some could ultimately have devastating consequences for others in the vicinity, especially if it results in a motorcycle accident or other form of motor vehicle collision.

Such an oversight is reportedly the subject of a recent personal injury lawsuit. According to reports, the plaintiff was riding a motorcycle when the driver of a traditional motor vehicle exited the carpool lanes, reportedly without signaling. As a result, the motorcyclist is said to have careened across multiple lanes of traffic before striking a flatbed trailer. The accident was recorded by another motorcyclist’s camera.

Unfortunately, the victim reportedly suffered catastrophic injuries in the collision. Reports indicate that he spent two weeks in the hospital and underwent multiple surgeries. A jury recently awarded the motorcyclist over $21.5 million.

Reports indicate that the vehicle was driven by an employee of an automotive company; both the company and driver were defendants in the lawsuit. Unfortunately, many people who are the victim of a motorcycle accident in California find themselves suffering severe injuries as a result of another’s negligence — injuries that could potentially impact them for the rest of their lives. In a case like this, an experienced attorney can help victims of negligence identify all parties — potentially including a driver’s employer as in this case — who may hold some liability.