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California car accidents: Head-on crash kills both drivers


Some drivers understand the anxiety felt when another vehicle is headed toward them in the same lane and they are unsure whether a collision can be avoided. Many times, a tragedy is averted, but unfortunately, car accidents sometimes result from this type of situation. Often, the people involved do not survive the tremendous impact of such a crash. This was the case when two people were killed in a head-on collision on Interstate 5 near Carlsbad.

According to a California law enforcement spokesperson, police stopped a driver in a pickup truck for a minor violation on a recent evening just past midnight in Oceanside. However, the driver sped away once officers exited their vehicle. Police pursued the truck, but stopped when the truck driver started speeding down I-5 in the wrong lane.

The truck crashed head-on into a car, resulting in a fiery collision. The drivers of both vehicles were killed. Reportedly, the driver of the car that was hit was a 19-year-old Marine from Utah. Witnesses believe the 42-year-old truck driver reached speeds up to approximately 100 mph. Police have said a 35-year-old passenger in the pickup truck survived, but suffered major injuries.

Drivers can end up on the wrong side of the road for various reasons, and too often, car accidents happen this way. In this case, apparently, a man was trying to avoid police, a fateful decision that led to his death as well as that of another person who, sadly, was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. The grieving family of the young Marine who was hit may consider filing a wrongful death lawsuit through the California civil justice system. Although the driver who caused the crash also died as a result, his estate could be held accountable to the family of the deceased Marine as well as the seriously injured passenger. An experienced personal injury attorney can discuss their legal options and offer ongoing support.