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California car accidents: Driver runs red light, 1 person dead


All California residents who have operated a motor vehicle, and even those who have not, understand the need to act responsibly while behind the wheel as well as prior to driving. They understand that car accidents can happen from failing to do so, often leading to serious consequences, and sometimes including fatalities. However, despite the ubiquitous messages telling people about the dangers of combining alcohol or drugs with driving, some people continue to make irresponsible decisions that put their own and the lives of others at risk. This seems to have been the case when one person was killed and two others injured after a driver ran a red light.

The incident happened on a recent Sunday afternoon just outside Sonoma. According to California Highway Patrol, a 36-year-old man drove his car through a red light at an intersection. He crashed into another vehicle. Sadly, the 35-year-old man driving that vehicle died at the scene.

A passenger in the vehicle that was hit suffered major injuries as a result of the crash. She was transported to a local hospital for treatment. The man who seems to have caused the accident was also taken to a hospital to be treated for moderate injuries. Authorities have arrested him on suspicion of felony driving while intoxicated.

These types of car accidents are particularly tragic since they seem to be the direct result of one person’s poor decision to drive while intoxicated. The injured passenger, as well as the deceased driver’s family, are likely now facing significant emotional and perhaps also financial challenges. They may consider consulting with an experienced personal injury attorney to discuss their options for legal recourse through the California civil justice system. A successfully litigated lawsuit could provide survivors some comfort as well as compensation for unexpected expenses such as funeral costs and lost future income.