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Does hands-free technology keep drivers safe?


California drivers are becoming more reliant on hands-free technology. New laws prevent drivers from operating electronics by hand. Hands-free tech promises to keep drivers safe and to keep electronics out of their hands. But how safe is this technology in reality? 

Hands-free technology may not be as safe as you believe. Studies examine distracted driver safety against drivers using hands-free devices. These studies show the crash risk is not significantly different. There is a marginal improvement. But drivers with no distractions at all are still less likely to crash. 

Specialists speculate that this is because hands-free tech does not stop every distraction. A conversation itself is a distraction. Listening to directions is a distraction. Hands-free technology allows you to keep your eyes on the road and your hands on the wheel. This is important, as these are two factors that have a heavy hand in distraction related crashes. But it does not help keep your mind on the road. 

Cognitive distraction is one of the deadliest components of crashes. Drivers facing mental distraction are four times more likely to crash. Studies also show distraction lasts up to five minutes after a conversation ends. This means even a small conversation has a big impact on a driver’s concentration. Other cognitive distractions include listening to music or directions. 

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